Personalised customer experience in a fingersnap

Discover how fast you can create, send and personalise emails, quotes, proposals or your website. Automatically connect your other apps and start saving time.

We are DAMn-DrivenTM

It is our puprose to be DAMn-Driven (Data Agnostic Management - not another CRM). It is not our intent to become another CRM, our aim is to ease the connection and data processing through various systems.

Create your branded templates

Choose one of our predefined templates, or import one. Organise your content and customise your template so your team can re-use it. Impress your customers with interactive sections.

Easily share with customers or integrate in

Once you have created your content, you can share it. Our flexible approach allows you to share it in emails, embedded in your systems or use our API in your integrations.

Seamless control on your process

Control the process by populating your template, or ask your customer to finalise by using interactive sections, digital sign-off or include online payment.

Integrates with your favorite tools

Easily integrate Fingersnap with all your favourite apps. Fingersnap.it will become your “Swiss-army knife” for digitising and automating your existing customer experience.
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